Hunza Welfare delegation met with Shoukat Ali Khan CIO,UCA

Karachi: (PR, March 25, 2019) Hunza welfare cabinet members and advisory board members met with Chief Information Officer (CIO) University of Central Asia Shoukat Ali Khan. Chairman Moula Madad Qizill, Vice Chairman Babar Majeed, General Secretary Mr.Tariq Aziz, Finance Secretary, Mr.Nisar Ali, Media Coordinator Mr.Nadeem Rumi, Area Coordinators Sehrish Ali and Aliya Hunzai form cabinet, while Mushtaq Ahmed, Karim Roziq and Najeeb Ullah form an advisory board.   

Chairman Hunza Welfare Mr. Moula Madad Qizill shared a progress report and future plans with him.  He applauded the services rendered by The Pak Hunza Gilgit Social welfare Organization.

He shared his visionary thoughts and experience, he said: “a failure in our life is a bitter experience to bear with, but it helps us a step ahead towards the right direction if we reflect on and learn from it”. He appreciates the advisory board for providing vision and guidance toward a vibrant future of the community.