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Challenges and Solutions in Regional Development

The speakers highlighted the emerging issues and also responded to different questions raised by
the audiences. The newly appointed cabinet members also took the oath of office.
Moula Madad Qizill, Chairman HGSWO, shared the vision and future plans of the organisation with the participants.
Rizwan Karim, ex-chairman HGSWO, highlighted history, achievements and challenges faced by the organization during past years. Khushamudin, President of the Baltit Academic Development Organization, discussed the challenges emerging from the sudden and unexpected flow of tourists into the region. He also underlined the health related issues cropping up due to lack of medical facilities, low quality medicines, low quality of food and other factors. Dr. Salman Shezad, Professor in Karachi University (Clinical psychology), shared the results of his research work on mental health. He emphasised the need to engage youth in positive activities. He said suicide ratio is high among the age range of 12 -18 years. Drug addiction ratio is almost 45 percent in this age group, he informed. He assured his support to the team of HGSWO to work on stress reduction and suicide related issues.
Sardar Khan, Vice President of Pakistan Peoples Party in Karachi, stressed on to mobilize the local people in order to address the mushrooming issues. He assured his support to HGSWO in any future endevors.Through video conference, Moinullah Baig Grants Administrator at The Centre for American and International Law, from USA and Shaukat Ali Khan, Head of global IT Production infrastructure at Novo Nordisk HQ Copenhage, from Denmark discussed the contemporary challenges and way forwards for youth. They stressed on the need of integration with institutions and looking for career in booming fields like IT. They said that the social issues that we are facing are due to lack of unity and harmony in society. They also offered their services to the organization.Karim Ali Bahadur, ex-president of GISAK and Project manager UNSAID, shared his experiences while working with youth. The youth need to remain positive and cooperate with institutions in result oriented activities, he added. Retired Col. Zahid Hussain, Director Education DHA Karachi, stressed on the theme of community integration. He said diversity must result as our strength to overcome the common social issues.Tasawar Ul Karim, Owner Tili Productions, shed light on the challenges emerging with the social changes in Hunza. He also discussed the opportunities and challenges posed by CPEC.It I here to mention that HGSWO has served the people of Gilgit-Baltistan, who has come to Karachi for educational and professional necessities, from 1964 onwards. This organization has remained at the front to provide the financial and moral support to the diaspora of Hunza and Gilgit in Karachi.

3-Hunza Gilgit Social and Welfare Organization commemorates Diamond Jubilee with community leaders Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral

IN connection with the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of Imamat of Prince Karim Aga Khan IV, the Ismaili leaders from Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral assembled at Aga Khan Gymkhana on the evening of Saturday, January 27 to commemorate Diamond Jubilee. The program was arranged by Hunza Gilgit Social and Welfare Organization. Leaders and professionals from different walk of life including Imamati and Jamati instutions, civil society organizations, political organizations, religious scholars and youth leaders. The theme of the program revolves around the farman of MHI Prince Karim Aga Khan made during the recent Diamond Jubilee visit to Pakistan. “Societies can best strengthen themselves by mobilizing their own dynamic forces rather than relying on eternal support and direction.” _ Aga Khan IV The ceremony was formally commenced with the recitation of Holy Quran by Qari Liqat Ali. Moula Madad Qizill, chairman of Hunza Gilgit Social Welfare Organization conferred welcome note and presented a brief history of HGSWO and highlighted the theme behind the celebration of Diamond Jubilee. Qizil invited the potential individuals to contribute for the progress of community and to make them a part of global citizen, put their efforts to ease the communal gapes, develop the doctrine of frontless brotherhood, diversity and pluralism. Rani Mohammad Karim, scholar of Ismaili Tariqah and Religious Education Board ITREB, pointed out some soci-economic issues, primarily, women empowerment, unemployment, residential issues of students in down cities. She further emphasized to strengthen intuitions to overcome these socio- economic hurdles. A founder member of HGSWO, Mirbaz Khan rememorize the achievements of HGSWO made during her earlier decades including housing societies for the communities of Northern Areas in Karachi, welfare assistance of need members and educational development. HGSWO didn’t sustain the pace of social welfare development made in earlier days due to lack of commitment and leadership within us. He added. Inayat Baig, a dynamic social activist form Ghizar valley highlighted the troubles of youth, such as increasing tendency of suicide in Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral. Baig said due to unemployment and mental stress the youth of the region are indulging in negative social activities. The youth of the GB&C are disappointed with community and imamate institutions. Instructions aren’t actively playing their role in dealing with the problems the communities are facing.He further said, “Beside other social issues the region of Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral are vulnerable climatic changes and the people of the region are facing political deprivation. The intuitions play role and guide the community to undertake these hitches.” Baig added. Ibad-ur- Rehman, scholar of ITREB, stressed to avoid immoral activities and to give out their liveliness to get quality education, enhance leadership skills in youth and become a helpful of your country. Sarder Ali Khan, a prominent Politician form Gilgit Baltistan, currently serving as Vice president of Pakistan People’s Party Karachi division also spoke to the event. He said, “We should interact with our sister communities and built batter relation with them, as now one can progress with living in isolation. Our community member should take part in positive politics and initiative to resolve their problem themselves. We must have our own leaders to take our issues to government level.” “Our communities are living scattered of vicinity in cities, especially in Karachi. Consequently we are losing our social and cultural norms, values, identity and are facing many other soci0-economic issues.” Sardar further said. Sardar Ali Khan pledged to resolve the accommodation issue of people GB and C living in Karachi in coordination with government Sindh. The session was concluded with note of thanks paid by Babar Majeed, V.Chairman of Hunza Gilgit Social Welfare Organization. He thanked all the guests, participants and organizers. The audience we also enthralled with joyful music segment. Artists from different cultural background performed there, notability FEW band of Saeed Zulifqar Ali, Sultan Madad (Bulbulik Academy), Nauman Karim and Shams Qizill made the event lively. The participants applauded Hunza Gilgit Social Welfare Organization for organization for the social welfare service conferred to mountainous communities and specifically for organizing the historical Diamond Jubilee event which harmony within community and bring together people from different geographical regions.

3-Delegation of HGSWO called on the Governor of Gilgit Baltistan, Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan

A delegation of Hunza Gilgit Social Welfare Organization called on the Governor of Gilgit Baltistan, Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan, here in Karachi. The delegation was led by the chairman HGSWO Mr. Moula Madad Qizill. The team briefed the governor regarding the issues faced by the mountainous community members in Karachi. The team highlighted issues being faced by the Karachi based residents of Gilgit-Baltistan, including accommodation, unemployment, admissions in universities of Sindh etc. The governor vowed that he will take these issues serious. Moreover, he is in liaison with governor of Sindh for the allotment of plot for the hostel and auditorium in Karachi. Governor of Sindh generously offered land for the construction which will be handed over after legalities. Furthermore he said he will contribute in the construction of the hostel as well. The team requested governor G-B to promote entrepreneurship to cater the issue of unemployment by provision of business loans. The Governor assured that he will take steps to overcome the unemployment issue of Hunza. He assured that youth will get transparent opportunity in CPEC projects. Furthermore, he appreciated the demands and assured that youth will be provided business loans to initiate their own business. Speaking about the on-going power projects in Hunza, he said that Misgar power project is operational and that Attabad hydro electricity project is under consideration. He said that the campus of Karakorum University in Hunza will be connected with the University of Central Asia. On health he said 100 bed hospital will be construction in Nasirabad. Prince Salman, who was present during the meeting, appreciated the team of Hunza Gilgit Social Welfare Organization and assured his full support to the youth of Hunza. The governor thanked the people of Hunza for their support. He said he delivered the promises he made with the people of hunza. As Governor Gilgit Baltistan he is in favor of meritocracy and equal opportunity policy. He will do everything whatever in his capacity for the better of Gilgit Baltistan.