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Karachi: The Pak Hunza Gilgit Social and welfare Organization TPHGSWO arranged a workshop for business starters from Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral, entitled “Awaken entrepreneur in you” at Karachi School of Business and Leadership on 23rd March 2019, in collaboration with Aga Khan Economic Planning Board, Pakistan,  Accelerate Prosperity and Karachi School of Business and Leadership (KSBL).

The workshop was orchestrated for the Students and working Professionals, planning to become entrepreneur, and existing SMEs to strengthen and enhance their existing business. “Awaken entrepreneur in you”  focused on Introduction to Entrepreneurship, business opportunities in Pakistan’s markets and Start-up funding from Accelerate Prosperity and training options at KSBL available. The aim of this workshop was to create awareness of Entrepreneurship and Business Opportunities in Pakistan and in order to promote start-up culture within the community.

Member of the Aga Khan Econimic Planing Board for Pakistan Amir Madhani said in his welcome speech Aga Khan Economic Planning Board for Pakistan (“Board”) is focusing on the economic stability and upliftment of the community in Pakistan. The Board’s existing interventions revolves in the area of skills development, technical and vocational training, job placement, entrepreneurship development, business alliance and enterprise support services, family budgeting, savings and financial planning, agriculture and rural development. 

Imran Rahim, manager operations, The Aga Khan Economic Planning Board was the master of the ceremony.  


Chairman Hunza Welfare Mr.Moula Madad Qizill briefed audience about the organization and the aim of the program, He stressed  on the importance of promoting youth entrepreneurship both as a driver of economic enfranchisement and social inclusion. The organization is committed to Uplift the community, create harmony, and help them to access quality education and socio economic development.   

Mr. Muhammad Ejaz founding CEO of Arif Habib Dolmen Real Estate investment edified the participants on various aspects of “Entrepreneurship” succeeded by the development of business plans to pragmatically articulate the expected gains from entrepreneurship for the socio-economic uplift of the society.

He unleashed the potential business opportunities in Pakistan According to the company source, entrepreneurship and economic development are interrelated in a domino effect and to actualize the socio-economic development goal of sustained livelihood for all.  Ejaz also shared their own journey in the Startups and provided lots of thought provoking insights to the audience.

Dr Shoaib Ul Haq assistant Professor KSBL enlightened audience about ‘digital economy’ which include business modules on collaborative consumption, and artificial intelligence. He has thrown light on the facts and figures about Entrepreneurship. Dr Shoaib revealed the myths about the process and functioning of becoming an entrepreneur and also shared the strategies for risk appetite and foresightedness.

Country Manager Accelerate Prosperity Pakistan,  Imran shams briefed about the organization, He meticulously provide information and awareness about AP’s financing and business advisory cycle for 2019. Shams edified participants about eligibility requirements, selection process, terms and conditions, and questions of the audience were answered. He deliberated on types of finances available and the challenges faced by the venture investors in financing the Start-ups.



Shouakt Ali Khan community leader and chief information officer of the University of Central Asia (UCA) also attained the session, He applauded the services and organizing such a wonderful session by Hunza welfare, He congratulate the team and advice to continue such session for the community.  He said such workshop was beneficial for bringing an attitude change in participants and improves their entrepreneurial skills.

The session was solicitously organized and highly acknowledged by the Participants affirmatively declared that the pedagogy was comprehensively formulated and objectively delivered accentuating their subject knowledge for the promotion of entrepreneurship. The audience throughout remained involved by interacting with the speakers during and after the session.

The Conclave ended with a vote of thanks by Chairman the Pak Hunza Gilgit Social Welfare, Moula Madad Qizill. In his remarks he said the workshop which is aimed at strengthening the entrepreneurial spirit of GBC youth, This is the first workshop of the series and further workshops are contrived for the business community of GBC which aims to garner support from the private sector to productively develop the local human capital with advanced skills and provide them with income-earning opportunities to curb the malevolent social behaviors and practices giving them a chance towards socially and economically stable and prosperous livelihood, community and nation.

Qizill acknowledged AKEPB.P, Accelerate Prosperity Pakistan, Karachi School of Business Leadership, speakers and participants for their time, knowledge, and services. He owes to work in collaboration in future too.



Karachi: (PR, March 25, 2019) Hunza welfare cabinet members and advisory board members met with Chief Information Officer (CIO) University of Central Asia Shoukat Ali Khan. Chairman Moula Madad Qizill, Vice Chairman Babar Majeed, General Secretary Mr.Tariq Aziz, Finance Secretary, Mr.Nisar Ali, Media Coordinator Mr.Nadeem Rumi, Area Coordinators Sehrish Ali and Aliya Hunzai form cabinet, while Mushtaq Ahmed, Karim Roziq and Najeeb Ullah form an advisory board.   

Chairman Hunza Welfare Mr. Moula Madad Qizill shared a progress report and future plans with him.  He applauded the services rendered by The Pak Hunza Gilgit Social welfare Organization.

He shared his visionary thoughts and experience, he said: “a failure in our life is a bitter experience to bear with, but it helps us a step ahead towards the right direction if we reflect on and learn from it”. He appreciates the advisory board for providing vision and guidance toward a vibrant future of the community.


Karachi [Press release]: “Explore Karachi”, the third edition of a signature event of The Pak Hunza Gilgit Social Welfare Organization dedicated to the senior citizens of Hunza, Gilgit and Chitral residing in Karachi, held on Sunday, February 10, 2019.  

Explore Karachi aims to engage senior citizens recreational activities, provide platform of interaction, health awareness, and to acknowledge their sacrifices to built a batter community. More than eight hundred senior citizens from different regions of Hunza, Gilgit and Chit participated in the event. 

The Pak Hunza Gilgit Social Welfare Organization was established in 1960 by some individuals from Hunza and Gilgit migrated to Karachi. The organization was formed with the aim for the upliftment of inhabitants of Gilgit and Hunza migrating to cities for employment and acquiring education. Since her establishment The Pak Hunza Gilgit Hunza Social Welfare organization has provided welfare service to thousands of community. “Explore Karachi” is one of foremost program by TPHGSWO for senior citizens.

In the first half of the event, the senior citizens were taken to the well know aviation museum, Pakistan Air Force Museum and Park.  They visited all the major portion of the museum were they bystander air craft’s utilized  in wars of 1965, 1971, WW I and WW II like  F-86 Sabre, Mirage, F-104 Starfighter, MFI-17 (Mushshak), Antonov An-12, T-6G (Harvard) and Huskie (Helicopter) on display for the general public. 

The senior citizens excitedly spend around three hours in PAF visit all other parts of the museum including archive section where the aircraft of Quaid-e-Azam has been displayed and the Shohda gallery. 

While beats of Hareep (Traditional dance music of Gilgit Baltistan) echoed the park and the seniors enthusiastically dance with soulful rhythms of hareeps. 

Fruits were served to the participants by volunteers.   

Prior to living to the second destination of Explore Karachi the participants raised slogan of “Pakistan Zindabad” to express love for homeland Pakistan and to pay tribute to the Martyrs of the country.

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The second half of the event held at Aga Khan Gymkhana.

As the senior citizens reached Aga Khan Gymkhana, The Ismaili Hunza Band received them by playing tuneful themes.

Chairman of The Pak Hunza Social Welfare Organization, Mola Madad Qizill formally welcomed the senior citizens and presented aims and objectives of the organization and highlighted some recent achievements of TPHGSWO.

The event continued with another startling music segment where celebrated Artists, Fazal Rehman Shireen Sado, Wajahat Soze, Naas Nafees, RJ Zohaib enthralled the participants with their melodic performances.

The senior citizens took part in games and other activities.

While, a free medical screening camp was set for the participant, 3 specialists from Aga Khan University Hospital voluntarily came to attend the camp and attended to over 50 people in three hours. Nurses from different hospitals also volunteered in the medial camp.

Jamal Siddique Member of Provincial Assembly of Sindh (PTI), Social activist Ramzan Natha, Vice president of PPP Karachi division Sardar Ali Khan and Mirbaz Khan (community leader and a retired bureaucrat from Gilgit Baltistan)  also joined the Explore Karachi during the second half at Aga Khan Gymkhana spend some quality time with senior citizens and shared their thoughts with senior citizens.

Members of board of advisory of TPHGSWO, Mir Ahmed, Ezzatullah, Mushtaq Ahmed, Khalid Jameel, Adv Amir Ali, Karimullah Rozik and Najeebullah also attend Explore Karachi and kept interacting with senior citizens throughout the day.

The Pak Hunza Gilgit Social Welfare Organization presented token of appreciations to recognize services of individuals and institutions.

Remembering the selfless services of Hakim Ali Khan (Late) a memento was presented to his family.  Token of appreciation was presented to Badakshani Volunteers, Ismaili Hunza Band and Gojal Ismaili Students Association Karachi (GISAK).

A Variety of delectable food was served in the lunch including Biryani, Hareesa and Dowdow (Transitional food of GB.

The participants and special guests highly appreciated The Pak Hunza Social Welfare Organization for organizing this exceptional event for senior citizens.

Commenting on the event, Member of Provincial Assembly of Sindh (PTI) Jamal Siddique said, “This community is worldwide known for humanitarian services. Such activities bring peace and harmony in our society and encourage sister communities to take part in healthy activities.” He added.

While, Vice president of PPP Karachi division Sardar Ali Khan underscore some of the high points of The Pak Hunza Gilgit Social Welfare Organization from past and emphasized to expand the operations of the organization to larger segment and pledged financial support to the organization.

Ramzan Natha, social activist from Karachi and Mirbaz Khan (a retired bureaucrat from Gilgit Baltistan) also express their thoughts during the event, they both applauded the initiatives by TPHGSWO for senior citizens particularly.

Giving feedback on “Explore Karachi”, Barkatullah Baig, a participant from Sost Gojal Hunza said, “You (THPHGSWO) has made remarkable effort to assemble seniors citizens in a place away from home and gave them happiness. This made us feel in our native land”. He further added.

Another participant from Aliabad Hunza, Essa Khan said, “This is what happens in a civilized and educated societies where all portion are given equal importance, irrespective of age, gender, class and other gaps and this organization can play a role to preserve the norms and values inherited to us by our ancestors.”

Bibi Jahan, an elderly lady from Hussainabad became emotional when asked to give her feedback about “Explore Karachi”. She said that she visits Karachi every winter, but his was for the first time she has attended this kind of large gathering of senior citizens. She said, “I got this opportunity first time to meet all my relatives at same time here.”

A participant form Chitral, Afzal Khan said that He has never attended any event like this which is exclusively dedicated for senior citizens. Afzal said, “Elderly people are facing several challenges due to the changing pattern of our traditional family system. This sort of activities will bring some hope among the aged people.” He added.

 Similarly, all the senior citizen participants applauded the event “Explore Karachi” and solicited the philanthropist to make contributions for The Pak Hunza Gilgit Social Welfare Organization.


Karachi (Press Release): The Pak Hunza Gilgit Social Welfare Organizations arranged a session “Andhere se Roshni Tak Ka Safar” to commemorate the first visit His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan to the Northern Areas of Pakistan.

Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan, the present Iman of the Ismaili Muslim sect paid his first visit to the Northern Areas (Chitral, Gilgit, Ghizer and Hunza) in October 1960.  During his six days visit, His Highness gave his first Didar to the Ismailies of Northern Jamat. Since then, the Ismilies of Northern areas celebrates this day every year with religious zeal and favor.

“Andhere se Roshni Tak Ka Safar” was a part of the celebration of the first visit of Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan to Norther Areas and aimed to underscore the changes and progress the jamat has witnessed after 1960.  The event held in the National Ismaili Council hall Karachi on October 28, 2018.

Speaking to the event, Dr. Azizullah Najeeb (Renowned Author, Historian and Scholar) scrupulously described different historical phases of Ismailis of the North and illustrate the progress the jamat made in different areas after 1960.

Some notable of Hunza, including Mirbaz Khan, Mushtaq Ahmed, Mir Ahmed, Ezzatullah, Adv Amir Ali, Noshad Karim (Chairman GISAK) and Karim Rozik attended session.

Mola Madad Qizll, the chairman of The Pak Hunza Gilgit Social Welfare Organization presented welcome speech and disclosed the manifesto of the organization.

Babar Majeed gave a comprehensive presentation regarding The Pak Hunza Gilgit Social Welfare Organization highlighting the milestones achieved, ongoing projects and the upcoming programs of the organization.



Gilgit: Chairman The Pak Hunza Gilgit Social Welfare Organization, Moula Madad Qizill was called on Chief Minister Gilgit Baltistan at CM House Gilgit on August 24.
The Chairman briefed the honorable CM about recent activities of The Pak Hunza Social Welfare Organization. 
Mr. Hafiz praised the role of the Organization and wished that all regions of Gilgit Baltistan must constitute Organizations like it. Moreover, he said that the best way to resolve and mitigate social issues is to involve the locals. 
furthermore, the chairman shared the challenges facing by the people of Gilgit Baltistan residing in Karachi.C.M took the issues into consideration and assured any support if needed to resolve and minimize the risks. 
Finally, he promised to help the organization financially.


United we stand Cricket tournament Hunza-Gilgit Social Welfare Organization,
With Winner and runner-up team, SMS 11In the enthralling final match SMS II won the toss and choose to bat first. Batting first, the SMS II was able to set a target of 99 runes in allocated 8 overs on the loss of 9 wickets. Ali (55) and Zeeshan (23) were the high scorers of SMS II. Gojal United was unable to chase the target. SMS II bowled them out in the last over and SMS II won the match with 8 runs. Both teams played well 

For More Photographs please visit  United We Stand Cricket Tournament 2018


[Archive, June 21, 2018] The Pak Hunza Gilgit Social Welfare Organization arranged a two days cricket event “United We Stand Cricket Tournament” at Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah (Aga Khan III) cricket ground, Karachi on the second and third day of Eid-ul-Fitr.

The tournament was a part of HGSWO’s routine extra circular activates, the theme of the event was to engage youth in positive, rejoicing diversity and creating harmony among the youth of Gilgit, Baltistan, and Chitral (GBC) in Karachi.

13 teams played the tournament, Gojal United and SMS II made their way to the final with their outstanding cricket.

“United we stand cricket tournament” started on the Second day of Eid. Muhammad Karim, a respectable businessman, was the chief guest at the opening ceremony.

Speaking to the opening ceremony, Karim applauded HGSWO for arranging different activities to engage the youth in positive activities and emphasized the youth to take part in sports and other social happenings.

United We Stand Cricket Tournament

In the enthralling final match, SMS II won the toss and choose to bat first. Batting first, the SMS II was able to set a target of 99 runes in allocated 8 overs on the loss of 9 wickets. Ali (55) and Zeeshan (23) were the high scorers of SMS II. Gojal United was unable to chase the target. SMS II bowled them out in the last over and SMS II won the match with 8 runs.

A large number spectators across GBC residing in Karachi, including notables, witnessed the final match being played at SMS on the third day of Eid-ul-Fitr.

In the final presentation ceremony, Col Rtd Zahid and Sadar Khan were the chief guests.

While Aziz Ahmed presided the final presentation ceremony. Directors of HGSWO, Mushtaq Ahmed, Karim Rozik and Najeebullah Baig, Amjad Ali and Safdar Khan also join as the guest of the event.

United We Stand Cricket Tournament

The winning trophy was conferred to the Captain to SMS 11 by Col Zahid and the runner-up trophy was presented by Sardar Khan to skipper of Gojal United.  Medal and token of appreciation were presented to the best performers of the tournament and the volunteers for arranging the event.

Hunza Gilgit social welfare Organization will continue to serve the wellbeing of the community, chairman Hunza welfare requested all the stakeholders of the region to come forward and play their part in mitigating the ongoing contemporary challenges.



KARACHI(October 18, 2017): A seminar on challenges and solutions in regional development was organized by Hunza Gilgit Social Welfare Organization (HGSWO) at the SMS auditorium in Karachi. A large number of the residents of Hunza, based in Karachi, attended the event.

The speakers highlighted the emerging issues and also responded to different questions raised by the audiences. The newly appointed cabinet members also took the oath of office.

Moula Madad Qizill, Chairman HGSWO, shared the vision and future plans of the organisation with the participants.

Rizwan Karim, ex-chairman HGSWO, highlighted history, achievements and challenges faced by the organization during past years.

Khushamudin, President of the Baltit Academic Development Organization, discussed the challenges emerging from the sudden and unexpected flow of tourists into the region. He also underlined the health related issues cropping up due to lack of medical facilities, low quality medicines, low quality of food and other factors.

Dr. Salman Shezad, Professor in Karachi University (Clinical psychology), shared the results of his research work on mental health. He emphasised the need to engage youth in positive activities. He said suicide ratio is high among the age range of 12 -18 years. Drug addiction ratio is almost 45 percent in this age group, he informed. He assured his support to the team of HGSWO to work on stress reduction and suicide related issues.

Sardar Khan, Vice President of Pakistan Peoples Party in Karachi, stressed on to mobilize the local people in order to address the mushrooming issues. He assured his support to HGSWO in any future endevors.

Through video conference, Moinullah Baig Grants Administrator at The Centre for American and International Law, from USA and Shaukat Ali Khan, Head of global IT Production infrastructure at Novo Nordisk HQ Copenhage, from Denmark discussed the contemporary challenges and way forwards for youth. They stressed on the need of integration with institutions and looking for career in booming fields like IT. They said that the social issues that we are facing are due to lack of unity and harmony in society. They also offered their services to the organization.

Karim Ali Bahadur, ex-president of GISAK and Project manager UNSAID, shared his experiences while working with youth. The youth need to remain positive and cooperate with institutions in result oriented activities, he added.

Retired Col. Zahid Hussain, Director Education DHA Karachi, stressed on the theme of community integration. He said diversity must result as our strength to overcome the common social issues.

Tasawar Ul Karim, Owner Tili Productions, shed light on the challenges emerging with the social changes in Hunza. He also discussed the opportunities and challenges posed by CPEC.

It I here to mention that HGSWO has served the people of Gilgit-Baltistan, who has come to Karachi for educational and professional necessities, from 1964 onwards. This organization has remained at the front to provide the financial and moral support to the diaspora of Hunza and Gilgit in Karachi.



Karachi: (PR, February 4, 2018) A delegation of Hunza Gilgit Social Welfare Organization called on the  Governor of Gilgit Baltistan, Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan, here in Karachi. The delegation was led by the chairman HGSWO Mr. Moula Madad Qizill. The team briefed the governor regarding the issues faced by the mountainous community members in Karachi.

The team highlighted issues being faced by the Karachi based residents of Gilgit-Baltistan, including accommodation, unemployment, admissions in universities of Sindh etc. The governor vowed that he will take these issues serious. Moreover, he is in liaison with governor of Sindh for the allotment of plot for the hostel and auditorium in Karachi. Governor of Sindh generously offered land for the construction which will be handed over after legalities. Furthermore he said he will contribute in the construction of the hostel as well.

The team requested governor G-B to promote entrepreneurship to cater the issue of unemployment by provision of business loans.

The Governor assured that he will take steps to overcome the unemployment issue of Hunza. He assured that youth will get transparent opportunity in CPEC projects. Furthermore, he appreciated the demands and assured that youth will be provided business loans to initiate their own business.

Speaking about the on-going power projects in Hunza, he said that Misgar power project is operational and that Attabad hydro electricity project is under consideration. He said that the campus of Karakorum University in Hunza will be connected with the University of Central Asia. On health he said 100 bed hospital will be construction in Nasirabad.

Prince Salman, who was present during the meeting, appreciated the team of Hunza Gilgit Social Welfare Organization and assured his full support to the youth of Hunza.

The governor thanked the people of Hunza for their support. He said he delivered the promises he made with the people of hunza. As Governor Gilgit Baltistan he is in favor of meritocracy and equal opportunity policy. He will do everything whatever in his capacity for the better of Gilgit Baltistan.



Karachi: (PR, August 28, 2017) The Karachi based Hunza-Gilgit Social Welfare Organization appointed its new cabinet on 27th August, 2017, during a general body.

The cabinet includes Mr. Moula Madad Qizill as Chairman, Miss. Iram Shaista Khan as Vice-Chairperson, Mr. Babar as Vice-Chairman, Mr. Ahmed Barcha as Vice-Chairman, Mr. Suja Alam as Senior Coordinator, Mr. Rahat Karim as General Secretary, Mr. Nisar as Finance Secretary, Mr. Naveed as Information Secretary, Mr. Sherzad Ahmed as Joint-Secretary and Mr. Piyar Ali as Event Coordinator. Along with the executive team, Mr. Fahim, Mr. Aqeel, Mr. Sohaib, Mr. Ejaz, and Mr. Junaid were assigned the post of Area Coordinators.

The cabinet will hold their oath in the first week of September.

This energetic group of youth received appreciations along with the chain of hopes from the people of Hunza-Gilgit, who are residing in Karachi. Senior members showed their trust and encouraged cabinet for their future interventions. At the same time, they showed the commitment to support the team. HGSWO has served the people of Gilgit-Baltistan, who has come to Karachi for educational and professional necessities, from 1964 onwards. This organization has remained at the front to provide the financial and moral support to the diaspora of Hunza and Gilgit in Karachi. New cabinet members reviewed their work and deeply appreciated the work of their elders and showed commitment to take the organization to the next level in the near future. All cabinet members humbly request the eligible people of Hunza and Gilgit to contribute for the collective betterment of our own people. Let us, keep the tradition of social service alive and contribute to make our society stronger. Together, we can make the difference