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Hunza-Gilgit Social Welfare Organization
Serving the people of Hunza and Gilgit since 1960.


The Pak Hunza Gilgit Social and welfare Organization was established in 1960s, It was the time when the people from far flung areas i.e. Gilgit Agency were progressing towards cities mainly to megalopolis region, Karachi, Pakistan seeking employment and opportunities. People began to settle up but the problems mainly socioeconomic issues didn’t terminate. A total different demographic background was the biggest barrier that was challenging their survival back then.
The peculiar strains that the people were confronted with resulted in finding a solution with bilateral negotiations and consequently this platform “Hunza Gilgit Social and welfare Organization” emerged as the pivotal element to serve non-natives to resolve their issues together.

Since it’s emergence its graph has never been steady, For once it touched peaks and other times it totally turned down. The circumstances in different eras caused such distortion, 1980s and 90s are considered as the golden eras of the organization when people made permanent settlements i.e. construction of low cost residential colonies in places like metroville and dug out bulk of opportunities with the collaboration of community members and Government of Sindh ,hence, enhancing their way of lives.

Also, HGSWO served as the bridge between these people connecting them to their cultural roots in a non indigenous place. This was the most essential component which held up all of them together with an esteemed recognition.

But today’s essentials are way more thorough than what it used to be back then. Those hardscrabble people who barely had enough to eat have heightened their level in education, health and way of lives. Just as a wide web these people have spread all over country and abroad, still in search of education, employment and other opportunities but the hardships in availing these opportunities have not ended up as yet.

Today, HGSWO stands firm with the aim of assisting young, adults and elders to inspire them to better themselves, grab opportunities and to believe in themselves.


Together we built a caring community with self-sufficiency, dignity, harmony and prosperity.



To provide quality social welfare services to enable communities to meet their real life challenges.
To promote social and family responsibilities
To promote synergy conducive to efficient and effective service delivery

Our Values

People oriented service
Community Participation
Effective communication
Continuous progress.