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Karachi: The Pak Hunza Gilgit Social and welfare Organization TPHGSWO arranged a workshop for business starters from Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral, entitled “Awaken entrepreneur in you” at Karachi School of Business and Leadership on 23rd March 2019, in collaboration with Aga Khan Economic Planning Board, Pakistan,  Accelerate Prosperity and Karachi School of Business and Leadership (KSBL).

The workshop was orchestrated for the Students and working Professionals, planning to become entrepreneur, and existing SMEs to strengthen and enhance their existing business. “Awaken entrepreneur in you”  focused on Introduction to Entrepreneurship, business opportunities in Pakistan’s markets and Start-up funding from Accelerate Prosperity and training options at KSBL available. The aim of this workshop was to create awareness of Entrepreneurship and Business Opportunities in Pakistan and in order to promote start-up culture within the community.

Member of the Aga Khan Econimic Planing Board for Pakistan Amir Madhani said in his welcome speech Aga Khan Economic Planning Board for Pakistan (“Board”) is focusing on the economic stability and upliftment of the community in Pakistan. The Board’s existing interventions revolves in the area of skills development, technical and vocational training, job placement, entrepreneurship development, business alliance and enterprise support services, family budgeting, savings and financial planning, agriculture and rural development. 

Imran Rahim, manager operations, The Aga Khan Economic Planning Board was the master of the ceremony.  


Chairman Hunza Welfare Mr.Moula Madad Qizill briefed audience about the organization and the aim of the program, He stressed  on the importance of promoting youth entrepreneurship both as a driver of economic enfranchisement and social inclusion. The organization is committed to Uplift the community, create harmony, and help them to access quality education and socio economic development.   

Mr. Muhammad Ejaz founding CEO of Arif Habib Dolmen Real Estate investment edified the participants on various aspects of “Entrepreneurship” succeeded by the development of business plans to pragmatically articulate the expected gains from entrepreneurship for the socio-economic uplift of the society.

He unleashed the potential business opportunities in Pakistan According to the company source, entrepreneurship and economic development are interrelated in a domino effect and to actualize the socio-economic development goal of sustained livelihood for all.  Ejaz also shared their own journey in the Startups and provided lots of thought provoking insights to the audience.

Dr Shoaib Ul Haq assistant Professor KSBL enlightened audience about ‘digital economy’ which include business modules on collaborative consumption, and artificial intelligence. He has thrown light on the facts and figures about Entrepreneurship. Dr Shoaib revealed the myths about the process and functioning of becoming an entrepreneur and also shared the strategies for risk appetite and foresightedness.

Country Manager Accelerate Prosperity Pakistan,  Imran shams briefed about the organization, He meticulously provide information and awareness about AP’s financing and business advisory cycle for 2019. Shams edified participants about eligibility requirements, selection process, terms and conditions, and questions of the audience were answered. He deliberated on types of finances available and the challenges faced by the venture investors in financing the Start-ups.



Shouakt Ali Khan community leader and chief information officer of the University of Central Asia (UCA) also attained the session, He applauded the services and organizing such a wonderful session by Hunza welfare, He congratulate the team and advice to continue such session for the community.  He said such workshop was beneficial for bringing an attitude change in participants and improves their entrepreneurial skills.

The session was solicitously organized and highly acknowledged by the Participants affirmatively declared that the pedagogy was comprehensively formulated and objectively delivered accentuating their subject knowledge for the promotion of entrepreneurship. The audience throughout remained involved by interacting with the speakers during and after the session.

The Conclave ended with a vote of thanks by Chairman the Pak Hunza Gilgit Social Welfare, Moula Madad Qizill. In his remarks he said the workshop which is aimed at strengthening the entrepreneurial spirit of GBC youth, This is the first workshop of the series and further workshops are contrived for the business community of GBC which aims to garner support from the private sector to productively develop the local human capital with advanced skills and provide them with income-earning opportunities to curb the malevolent social behaviors and practices giving them a chance towards socially and economically stable and prosperous livelihood, community and nation.

Qizill acknowledged AKEPB.P, Accelerate Prosperity Pakistan, Karachi School of Business Leadership, speakers and participants for their time, knowledge, and services. He owes to work in collaboration in future too.